Garden Termite VS Subterranean Termites Differentiation

When small insects founded gather in flocks. We all call these small animals “termites”. But there are actually many species of termites. We see and have different external characteristics, as well as different sources of food.

Kitchenious commented. In this article, we will introduce you to Garden termites and Subterranean Termites. Which both species of termites may sound like, but they are actually different.

External characteristics “Garden termites” VS ” Subterranean Termites”

Pluak Suan Unlike Subterranean Termites, the body is white and wide with a brown head. It has a body length of 5-10 mm. Lives on the ground or trees, prefers to build marshes on the soil, with small, medium and large joms. When it comes to termite species. the population of termites is 90-95% of the nest. Which sometimes observed for good military termites to find, since the amount of termites is greater. Military termites have red heads and jaws to fight.

Food sources of garden termites include fungi. Many people may mistakenly believe that. Garden termites are harmless to wood. But some garden termites prefer dry wood, also known as dry wood termites, but others prefer to eat decayed wood, wood chips, and damp wood.

The food source of Subterranean Termites iscellulose, which is only available in wood. In termites, this genus contains potosua that helps digest wood, and they brought up from underground nests along the cracks of the house to eat wood in the house for food.

How to get rid of “garden termites” VS ” Subterranean Termites”

Several options – methods used to get rid of these two types of termites, such as creating traps, using herbs, etc. The easiest and quickest way is to use termite removal chemicals, both methods of termite removal. There are differences. as follows

Subterranean Termites

How to get rid of termites in the house

When an termite nest or an anthill founded. How to get rid of the whole nest Solignum Soilguard removed from the hole, if termites founded in the wood pile and trees. They can usesolignum soi card spraying to stop the destruction of these termites and prevent termites from spreading up on the house.

**Termite bait is not recommended to remove garden termites, as this termite does not like to eat bait.

How to get rid of and prevent termites underground from boarding the house

The method of chemical removal is similar. But the problem is, when used with termites of this species, we will never see where the termites are, since their nests live underground. The best way is to usesolignum soilguard to pour into the ground at construction sites and nearby areas before building to make the ground toxic to termites.

However, if it is already under construction, it can be prevented or removed by drilling holes in the floor or concrete around 20-30 cm away. For soil around the concrete floor outside the building, use a hose or dig a groove.